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Best 4K Kodi Add-Ons | Best Kodi Add-on For 4K Movies

Yup! We have completed our collection of all the possible Add-ons where you can get the 4K content. And by 4K means, you get to watch all the videos in the best quality that is available. They’ll eat your data like Chrome eats the RAM and you’ll be needing a very fast internet for that as well. But if you have a good Internet in terms of speed and quantity, then watching movies in 4K should be your only choice. What are the perks to watch 4K movies? The very first one is that you can take a snapshot of all the good scenes and they won’t be in bad quality at all. Furthermore, on a bigger screen, you get to enjoy the best details you can ask for. Especially if you are watching an animated movie or a Sci-fi movie then 4K is necessary.

Among this collection, you’ll get the best add-ons to watch the 4K content on your devices. Moreover, you can also see many other movies and TV shows as well, apart from the 4K videos. Exodus is there as well, the biggest and the best add-on to watch any Movie on Kodi. But keep in Mind, 4K movies eat a lot of data if you are on a budgeted data package, I suggest you to not watch 4K movies at all. Without further ado, let’s continue to Install Best 4K Kodi Add-Ons | Best Kodi Add-on For 4K Movies

Best 4K Kodi Add-Ons

Best 4K Kodi Add-Ons


From taking over the world and subject humanity, Skynet is back to take the lead in the world of Kodi as well. This add-on features only those movies which are available in 4K video quality only. Even if there are some movies that are not the 4K quality, yet their quality will be at-least full HD.

How to Install Skynet Add-on for Kodi 17.3 Krypton

Black Hat:

If you are not interested in Skynet, which you should be, then this is the next best alternative for the 4K video add-on. This add-on has more than enough movies and TV shows to give you a good entertaining time. But you’ll face some technical issues while using this add-on

How to Install Black Hat Add-on for Kodi 17.3 Krypton

UK Turk Playlist

Having the latest version of software installed has its own perks. UK Turk Playlist is famous for its separate sections for the movies and documentaries.

How to Install UK Turk Playlist Add-on in Kodi 17.3 Krypton


Exodus is the best add-on you’ll see in Kodi, but due to some reasons the TVAdd-on Repo went down and along with that, the Kodi Add-on went down as well. Those who were using it for quite a long time must have been in shock to see that happening and now they must have started looking for its alternatives

How to Install New Kodi 17.3 Krypton and Setup Exodus

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