How to Stop Endless Video Buffering in Kodi

One of the worst possible things to experience while watching anything online is the Buffering. Especially when you are watching videos, the endless buffering or buffering after every second just tease the hell out of you. There are a couple of reasons for that, either your Internet is slow or the service you are using is not good enough. Or in rare cases, the app you are using is showing errors and those errors are causing your app to perform slow and thus you are facing the buffering error. If you are using Kodi then at some point, you’ll see the buffering error in it and you won’t be that easy to solve it. But since we are here, solving that error is a piece of cake. Without further ado, let us continue and see how we can solve Endless Video Buffering in Kodi. But remember that every add-on has its own settings so you might want to see what add-on you are using and how to fix it.

How to Stop Endless Video Buffering in Kodi

Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Every Kodi add-on has its own settings and ways to clear up the cache, usually, Kodi can store up to 60mb of RAM. But by any chance, if that cache and RAM is filled and not cleared, you’ll face these issues. We will be using the Areas Wizard in order to clean up Kodi for better performance.

Method 1:

  1. Install the Areas Wizard and Open it and then click Tweaks.
  2. Click Next and then Click Generate Settings.
  3. Areas Wizard will automatically generate the best settings for you.

Method 2:

  1. Click on the Areas Wizard Maintenance button.
  2. Click on Delete Thumbnails and Delete Packages to finish the job


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