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Install Kodi on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak

Having an iOS device for normal use is a good thing. Cause it offers a good battery life as well as smooth performance. Despite being an old device, an iPhone can still perform quite well. But if you want to use an iOS device for a heavy use? Then you are not into a good thing, cause you can’t customize your iOS device that much. Installing 3rd party applications on iPhone is not an easy job, you have to jailbreak the device first. But Jailbroken devices have no warranty and who knows the 3rd party applications are reliable or not. Kodi can be installed on an iPhone, easily on a Jailbroken device. But if you don’t have a Jailbroken device, then there is still hope for you. Cause there is another way you can install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak.

However, the process is not that easy, if you are not into complex stuff, then leave. But if you are ready to do anything to install Kodi on your iPhone/iPad, then proceed below.Without further ado, let’s continue to Install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak.If you are interested in other Kodi Add-ons, we have a whole section for them. Open it, explore and locate your desired addon within no time at all.

Install Kodi on iPhone

Install Kodi on iPhone without Jailbreak:

  1. Connect your iPhone to Mac.
  2. Download and launch XCode.
  3. Choose to Create a new iOS Application.
  4. Enter Kodi in the Product Name.
  5. In Name of Organization, enter your name or whatever you want.
  6. Type in com.your name or whatever you want to in Organization identifier.
  7. Press the Next Button to continue.
  8. In case of any error, press the Fix Problems button to correct it.
  9. Then Click the Add button to add the Apple ID.
  10. Choose your Apple ID for Development Team option and click Select.
  11. Once done, proceed and download Kodi DEB installation file to your Computer.
  12. Download and extract the latest version of iOS singing application to your PC.
  13. Launch the iOS signing app and select the installation file you have downloaded.
  14. Choose the options you have just made and Click the Start button.
  15. Open Xcode and select Windows > Devices.
  16. Click on your device and click the + Button.
  17. Select the IPA file generated by the iOS Sign app and wait for the Installation.
  18. Disconnect your device and enjoy Kodi on iPhone

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