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Set-Up Kodi on Chromecast and Stream Movies on it

Watching movies on a smaller screen is not entertaining at all, we all love to watch movies in detail on the biggest screen we have. However, not all of the LED supports other than Mp4 format. So, if you have downloaded any format like mkv or flv, then you need to have a player that can run that specific format on your device. What you can do is either use the HDMI to connect your LED with your Laptop and start streaming on it or you can use a projector that can help you in this case. But both of them requires you to have the movie with you in order to play it, what you need it Kodi being cast directly to your Chromecast, so you can watch all your favorite movies without any need to download them. So, let’s see how we can set-up Kodi on Chromecast and stream movies onto it.

Set-Up Kodi on Chromecast

What do you need?

  1. Kodi.
  2. ES File Explorer
  3. Localcast
  4. PlayerFactoryCore .XML

Copy PlayerFactoryCore .XML to Kodi “User Data” Folder۔

  1. Open Es File Explorer.
  2. Select Settings > Display Settings >  Show Hidden Files.
  3. Copy the PlayerFactoryCore .XML file.
  4. Navigate to android → data → org.xbmc.kodi → files → .kodi → userdata.
  5. Paste the file into that location.

Now, Open Kodi and play any Video, the Localcast will pop-up. Then just connect your device with Chromecast, minimize your casting application and enjoy the video.

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