Top 10 Video Add-ons for Kodi 2017

Every day millions of people use Kodi to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, and sports contests. Kodi is an open source media streaming application managed and updated by XBMC Foundation. It can be installed on various operating systems and devices, from Android to Windows and even on devices like Amazon Fire Stick. Add-ons crawl the internet and load the movie, TV show or sports match that you want to watch. Since Kodi is open source, there are tons of add-ons appear when you search for, In such situation, the newbies get confused as to which one should be installed. For your ease, we have created a list of top 10 video add-ons for Kodi 2017. Crawl through the list and see which one suits you.

Top 10 Video Add-ons for Kodi 2017

Add-ons listed below cover different genre. For instance, SportsDevil add-on covers the sports-related shows and matches and similarly, each add-on covers different things.


Topping the list is Exodus, one of the most widely used video add-ons in Kodi. When it comes to popularity, Exodus is far ahead in the competition than its rivals. It has millions of users and is the evolved result of Genesis. According to some users, Exodus went down for some time but is up and working in its full glory. Th best thing is that Exodus is updated regularly, keeping the users with the latest streams. For your ease, we have provided the links to guides, if you are looking to install Exodus on Kodi.


Next on the list is ZEN, a famous add-on having the classification and features pretty much similar to Exodus. It has lots of up to date features and a section called My List where you can save your favorite movies and Tv shows. It gives you the server list so that you can choose your favorite Tv shows and movies. Here is how you can install ZEN on Kodi.

Specto Fork

Basically, Specto Fork was a project started to update the code of popular Genesis plugin, which later turned to the add-on known as Specto Fork. Since the code was based on Genesis, it was easier for developers to come up with an add-on. The key feature of Specto Fork are the folders which enable you to quickly save and find your favorite movies, Tv shows, and sports. For your ease, we have linked the guides that will help you install Specto Fork on Kodi.


Phoenix has been serving the streamers for many years and over the time it has been updated with the latest features and content. It hosts tons of movies, Tv shows, and sports and you can find almost anything related to these categories. The best thing about Phoenix is that everything is classified and has a separate category. Therefore, if you are looking for a movie, you won’t have to crawl through other categories. For your ease, we have provided the links to guide that will help yo install Phoenix on Kodi.

BOB Unrestricted

BOB Unrestricted was a famous add-on until it started having problems earlier this year. However, the good news is that BOB Unrestricted is back in its full swing. It is working with an alternative URL as the previous one went down due to heavy load.

The number of users shows how much popular add-on BOB Unrestricted is. It comes with a wide range of movies, TV shows, music, sports and pretty much everything. With one-click, you can start the stream and save yourself from the trouble of searching in the server list. Here’s how you can install BOB Unrestricted in Kodi.

UK Turk’s Playlist

With unique categories for movies, Tv shows, sports, cartoons, and documentaries, UK Turk’s Playlist is currently on the sixth spot in our list of top 10 video add-ons for Kodi 2017.  It is a nice and simple add-on and is liked for its user-friendly interface and classification of categories.

The best thing about UK Turk’s Playlist is that you don’t need to go through long procedures to start the stream. Instead, it allows you to start the stream of your favorite movie, Tv show or sports with just one click. Also, installing it in Kodi is easy very, here are the guides to help you install UK Turk’s Playlist on Kodi.


If you are even a little bit into sports, chances are, you have heard of SportsDevil. It is a very popular add-on when it comes to sports and entertains millions of sports fans. Despite its name, SportsDevil is all about sports. Instead, you can find almost everything, from Cartoon Network to Fox News, SportsDevil has got everything covered. It is quite easy to install SportsDevil in Kodi and stream the content. Here’re are guide to help you install SportsDevil.

  • How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
  • How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi 17 Krypton


1Channel is like a twin brother of Exodus, it plays almost similar content to Exodus and hosts a huge number of movies and Tv shows. It has been entertaining the users for many years and is still going strong. What makes 1Channel appealing is the simple interface, it doesn’t focus much on the information related to the movies and shows and rather comes up with to the point information. Here’s how you can install 1Channel add-on in Kodi.

  • How to Install 1Channel on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
  • How to Install 1Channel on Kodi 17 Krypton


It is one of the best video add-ons of Kodi and has been fetching the content for streamers around the world. Unlike other add-ons, SkyNet isn’t very old and has tons of new features. What’s best is that SkyNet combines other add-ons into an easy to use menu.

Aside from its own streams it also includes Dojo Streams, Maverick TV, Silent Hunter, BAMF and Supremacy, to name a few. For your ease, we have provided the links to guides, to help yo install SkyNet add-on on Kodi.

  • How to Install SkyNet on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
  • How to Install SkyNet on Kodi 17 Krypton

Players Klub Beta

As the name indicates, Players Klub Beta is newly launched and is in beta at the moment. Though the add-on is in beta, it performs all the required functionality and is in the top 10 list of most popular Kodi add-ons. It classifies the streams into USA, Local News, Canadian TV, Latino / Spanish TV, NHL, MLB, NFL, and more

While installing you setup a username and password, which is then required when you look for the streams. Here are the links to guides that will help you install Players Klub Beta on Kodi.

  • How to Install Players Klub Beta on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
  • How to Install Players Klub Beta on Kodi 17 Krypton

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