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How to Watch NFL on Kodi – 2017 Guide

NFL season might be the most anticipated sports event for all the US and UK sports fans and might be for the rest of the world. And finding a good streaming service for this sports game is also a demanding thing. While those who are getting the live stream on their TV are happy, but those who have to search for the live stream need to go through lots of sites to find a good one. While those who got their hands on Kodi can just rely on some of the add-ons it provides, where you can watch all your favorite sports. If you are looking to watch NFL live on your Laptop or on your LED display, then just use Kodi and connect your device with any other one. Without any further ado, let’s see how you can watch NFL live on Kodi. Here is a list of add-ons that’ll stream live NFL sports on Kodi.

How to Watch NFL on Kodi - 2017 Guide

Watch NFL on Kodi


The Sports TV section takes you to 10 different streaming sites, where you can watch all your favorite sports in the best quality available. All the popular sports channels from the UK as well as the US are there for you to watch, including Sky Sports and BT Sports.


Phoenix has everything and on top of that, it has contributors such as Cosmix which makes it more worthy. What’s even more appreciable are different categories. It classifies the sections into Kids, sports, movies and much more.


cCloud TV Add-On is a must have add-on for anyone who uses Kodi. The reason is that it has such a vast variety of option, under a single add-on. With thousands of channels listed, you can find all the UK and US based channel there.

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